A Game For You!

Danny and I have been amused by what we´ve been served on the planes and buses we´ve taken so far in South America. Rather than stick them here in a boring list, I have a game! Below are a list of food/beverage items and a list of journeys. Next to each journey is a number representing how many items from the food list were served on that journey. Try to match the correct foods and beverages to their corresponding journeys. If you´re bored.

Foods and Beverages:

-ham and cheese sandwich x 5 (I didn´t want to list it fivetimes, but we were served ham and cheese on white bread with no crust five times)

-piece of candy x 3

– soda x 4

– coffee x 2

– juice x 2

– wine

– whiskey

-crackers x 2

-alfajor x 2







-piece of fruit



-cereal bar

– bathroom break


-Flight from JFK to Lima (8ish hours I think? 12 things left at 2:30 pm)

-Bus from Buenos Aires to Córdoba (9 hours 9 things overnight)

-Bus from Córdoba to Santa Fe (5 hours 5 things, in the morning)

-Bus from Santa Fe to Corrientes (8.5 hours zero things, that´s a giveaway)

-Bus from Corrientes to Salta (13.5 hours 5 things, overnight)

-Bus from Salta to Cafayate (4 hours 2 things, morning)


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