And now, the poop update

I figure if you actually made it through alllllll that I just added, you deserve a poop update.  Unfortunately (well actually, for me it’s quite fortunate) there’s really nothing very abnormal to report.  Many public restrooms here have the toilet paper outside the stalls, and I keep forgetting to check for that and ending up toilet-paperless with my pants down.  Otherwise my poop, while very frequent, is coming out pretty normally. 

Also, I have pictures and I figured out how to add them but it´ll take hours on this computer.  I´ll have to wait for my next trip to Starbucks.  Last time, I got a free venti frappuchino.  Best day ever.


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  1. Karen says:

    Ok, two things. 1) I have to pronounce my name with an accent too. Otherwise nobody understands me, or they just mock me.
    2) While I’m glad to hear your poop is normal, please tell me the pictures of which you speak are not proof of your regularity. I would prefer to see some of Santiago.

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