Well, I’m in Chile now…

I mean, I think the title pretty much sums up the newest news in my life, but I’ll try to elaborate a little.  Welcome to my first foray into blogging.  Actually that’s a lie, I had to blog a little bit last semester as part of an assignment, but I deleted all of that so let’s all just pretend together that this is post number one.

I arrived in Santiago this morning at 6:15 am local time which, incidentally, is also 6:15 east coast USA time. So far I’ve met 11 of the other 12 girls on the program and they all seem really cool and down to earth and just as nervous as I am about doing things like research projects in Spanish as I am.  We’ve also met the academic director and the assistant academic director, who are both nice, welcoming, warm, all that good stuff.  We’re still waiting for the one other girl from Tufts, and the surprise addition to the program, one guy.  Should be good times for him.  

Right now we’re on the coast in a hotel for orientation, which has so far included a lot of horror stories about what can happen if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do safety wise (aka practice poor common sense, like egging on rabid dogs and other such brilliant ideas).  But don’t worry mom and dad, I’ll keep my head on.  

Otherwise there’s not much to report yet.  A poop update (because I know anyone who decides to actually read this is very concerned with my health): my poop looks and feels normal so far, even after the mystery fruit we ate at breakfast.  So, all is well.  Hopefully I’ll something more exciting to say soon.


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